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 July/August 2015 (SCCY CPX-1 prize package worth over $859!)
 Annual Special Edition 2015 (EAA Compact Lady SAR B6PL and more valued at over $715!)
 May/June 2015 (FMK Firearms package worth over $1,000!)
 Personal Defense SE 2015 (Lionheart Industries 9mm pistol and more valued over $1,265!)
 Mar/Apr 2015 (CUSTOM SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MIL-SPEC 1911 package worth over $3,500!)
 Jan/Feb 2015 (Armscor MS G10 tactical package worth over $1,100!)
 Tactical 2015 Special Edition (Custom Springfield Armory XD-S package worth over $2,000!)
 Nov/Dec 2014 (SPHINX Alpha SDP compact prize package worth over $1,737!)
 Survive 2014 Special Edition (PTR Industries prize package valued at over $1,290!)
 Sept/Oct 2014 (Custom Ruger SR1911, Knife, Earmuffs, & Gear Bag Package worth over $2,140!)
 July/Aug 2014 (Boberg XR9 Prize Package Worth Over $1,860!)
 Handgunner 2014 Special Edition (Sphinx Alpha SDP Compact DA/SA 9mm and more!)
 May/June 2014 (Ruger Teammates Prize Package Worth Over $5,700!)
 2014 Personal Defense SE (Personal Defense Special Edition Prize Package)
 Mar/Apr 2014 (Kimber CDP II giveaway package worth over $2,250!)
 Jan/Feb 2014 (Benchmark Precision Custom 1911-A1 prize package)
 Tactical Special (Umarex airgun package valued at over $1,500!)
 Nov/Dec 2013 (Glock prize package worth over $2,500!)
 Personal Defense Survive -- Fall 2013 (Win a Survival Package worth over $1,200!)
 Sept/Oct 2013 (Ultimate Defensive Package worth over $4,700!)
 SCCY Survey and CPX-2 Pistol Package Giveaway
 July/Aug 2013 (Win an HK P30 PACKAGE worth over $1,000!)
 Spec Edition 2013 (Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Shield package worth over $1,000!)
 May/June 2013 (Kimber Super Carry Pro .45 ACP and Accessories valued over $1500!)
 Spec Edition--Personal Defense Spring/Summer 2013 (Kel-Tec PF-9 package worth over $900!)
 Mar/Apr 2013 Giveaway (Les Baer .38 Super Stinger and accessories worth over $3,000!)
 Jan/Feb 2013 Giveaway (Lone Wolf Distributors Custom Compact Timberwolf 9mm pkg worth $1400)
 Special Heckler & Koch Giveaway (Win a P30 V1 From Heckler & Koch valued at $1054!)
 Nov/Dec 2012 Giveaway (Harrison design custom 1911 .45 ACP & accessories worth over $3,450!)
 Sep/Oct 2012 Giveaway (Nighthawk Custom AAC-T .45 Defensive Package Valued OVER $5,400!)
 Jul/Aug 2012 Giveaway (Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite & Accessories worth almost $1000!)
 May/Jun 2012 Giveaway (Kimber Custom .45 ACP CDP II defensive package worth over $1500!)
 Mar/Apr 2012 Giveaway (Tussey Custom Springfield Armory 1911 Package worth over $2800!)
 Jan/Feb 2012 Giveaway (Armalite AR-24 9mm Package worth OVER $1,000!)
 Nov/Dec 2011 Giveaway (FMK 9C1B 9mm auto and accessory package valued OVER $1,600!)
 Sept/Oct 2011 Giveaway (FNH FNP-45 Competition and accessory package valued OVER $1,600!)
 July/August 2011 Giveaway (Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 Compact Package!)
 Custom 1911 Giveaway (Nighthawk Custom 1911 .45 ACP as Designed by Handgunner Readers)
 May/June 2011 Giveaway (Canik 55 9mm and Incredible Shooter Package)
 March/April 2011 Giveaway (Custom Failzero/Caspian 1911 & Knife/Tactical Clothing Package)
 January/February 2011 Giveaway (Para-Ordnance Self-Defense Package)
 November/December 2010 Giveaway (Mag-Na-Port Hunting & Self-Defense Package)
 September/October 2010 Handgun Giveaway (Personal Safety Package with FMK 9mm Auto)
 July/August 2010 Handgun Giveaway (Springfield Armory Custom XDM 3.8)
 May/June 2010 Handgun Giveaway (Fletcher Custom 1911, UZI Blade, and Gunleather Trio Pkg)
 Mar/Apr 2010 Handgun Giveaway (S&W Performance Center .45 ACP Thunder Ranch Revolver Pkg)
 Jan/Feb 2010 Handgun Giveaway (Custom Gary Reeder EL DIABLO .44 Special Sixgun)
 Nov/Dec 2009 Handgun Giveaway (SIG SAUER P226 9mm Pistol & .22 LR Conversion Kit)
 Sept/Oct 2009 Handgun Giveaway (Les Baer Premier II .45 ACP 1911 Prize)
 July/August 2009 Handgun Giveaway (North American Arms Self-Defense Trio Prize Package)
 May/June 2009 Survey (Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II Prize Package)

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