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Packing Serious Heat

Sometimes it’s hot, I’m tired, or the threat assessment is just really low. I know I should do better but I would occasionally just drop a compact .380 in my jeans pocket on the way out the door and call it good. It was almost not worth the trouble.

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A Close Look At: Keeping Up With Ammo

Makers from big to little seem to work overtime developing new loads, bullets and cartridge concepts. This is just a quick peek to keep you thinking when it comes to smart-buying, especially in the defensive ammo category. Remember, this isn’t everyone making ammo — by a long shot — and it pays to keep on top of what’s out there with some judicious reading here, at manufacturer’s websites, our own digital on-line world, your local gunshop — and trusted buddies. Keep in mind chances are good if you don’t see your favorite caliber here, rest assured a zillion makers have what you need, all in the most up-to-date designs.

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